Like Magic

Kim Vo knew which stylists were in their element and which weren't. With the romance novel covers, what were you/the judges looking for?
Romance and fantasy without cheeriness. We wanted the viewer to feel sexy when they look at the models. Romance novels aren’t the most modern things in the world; were you looking for the stylists to fit into that mold or to look modern?
We were looking to challenge the stylists. Modernizing the look would have been good but adding their personalities into the work is the key to success. What’s the hardest thing about blending color with new extensions? Any tips you can offer people looking to do their own clip-in extensions? How do they find the right color for themselves?
I would go with a bitchy friend that will tell you the truth! Always try to blend your natural to the extensions and have a stylist cut and blend them to your look. Which looks impressed you the most/least?
The toss-up was the pirate and barn scene. Both had that "magical" energy that you felt on set and in the picture. The worst was unfortunately the Indians. I thought that set-up was the most creative opportunity. So many options. And I think they stereotyped them. How did the stylists do on the shoot overall in terms of working with the photographer, interrupting when needed, etc.?
You can tell the ones that have worked with photographers in the past. There is a dance where you work with a diva photographer. It’s like the cha cha, two steps forward, one step back. What was the difference between this kind of shoot vs. a different editorial shoot?
A romance novel shoot deals with an overall feeling, a message of what you’re trying to convey. An editorial shoot is more about how to highlight or complement the clothing. Adee seems to be turning into the black widow sending people home in his stead.... What’s going on?
A is for effort. He is passionate about his work and he, like a squid, changes colors as he gets emotional. I think that shows vulnerability, and I think that’s important. What is the hairstylist’s role in a shoot like that?
The combined visionary that complements the photographer’s ideas. It’s the hairstylist’s job to create a visual store and the photographer’s job to catch it. The client is always the bottom line and the ultimate decision maker. Anything else you’d like to add?

This challenge was very difficult and I would say to them, that they all gave their best. Good job, unfortunately, this is a competition and someone has to go.

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