Kim Taylor

Kim dishes on her big decision.

on Nov 27, 20120

Girls’ Night + Dwight: New Beginnings
I have a close group of girlfriends I lean on for everything, and yes, we buy our own bottle service! There are amazing start-ups out there that will also help you easily split this cost between friends like Crowdtilt and Pay by Group that can also be more economical options than paying for one off drinks – especially if you drink as much as we do! It's also really easy to get a ride home with Uber or Lyft, which are both computerized dispatch applications.
I’m not a big club goer, but I try to go to some a few times a year when I feel like getting dressed up. Dressing up doesn’t happen often in Silicon Valley. At Harlot we toast to “new beginnings, sudden endings, and female domination.” There is no way I could’ve done this without the support of all those women around me.
Yup, Dwight is extended an invite to girls’ night. Normally a party foul, but it’s my night, right? We’re really close friends and our relationship is, well, complicated. You’ll have to keep watching!
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Beautiful, focused, hard-working, girl!  Good luck, Kim Taylor!  Seems like you found your niche in fashion.  


Thanks for sharing the raw and real emotion of quitting your job! As a Midwestern girl, I am relating to all the engagement and babies on Facebook and have 0 interest in that at this point in my life. My family and friends are what is holding me back from moving across country for the (read: hypothetical) opportunity of a lifetime career but I found you inspiring to go for it and make the decisions best for you. I signed up for shonova and am looking forward to it! 


Kim you seem like a very smart and hard working woman - however, you really should show more humility, and stop acting so superior to the 'the average American', or the 'rest of America'. If I have to hear you compare yourself to the rest of the country, and how you're implicitly better, I'm going to come over there and take that stick out of your a**'!