Kim Taylor

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on Dec 20, 2012

Part editorial. Part user generated content via photos and mini reviews. I’m going to curate all of the best contemporary designers for you and the events you can wear them to from weddings to NBA basketball games. You can show me how it’s done in your neck of the woods whether you are in New York, LA, SF or Gone with the Wind fabulous in Atlanta. I am working closely with some awesome advisors and consultants like mobile expert Gabor Cselle and Libby Leffler from Facebook.

It’s been such an insane whirlwind letting the world see the early stage days of a startup which at it’s core is always just an idea about what the future might look like. Some people will laugh at it. Some won’t understand it. Some will tell you it will never work. And none of it matters.

High end fashion is evolving at a rapid speed and wanted to build something around the changing macro environment that people like me would use.

Fashion bloggers like BryanBoy and ManRepeller are now in the front row at fashion week. OscarPRGirl is leading the modernization of the luxury movement making storied institutions like Oscar de la Renta relevant to a younger audience of Gen X and Gen Y.  Chanel is still not selling clothes online. Stella McCartney has a ski and sports line. Fashion is a fascinating space.