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Farm Fresh

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Farm Fresh

Tabatha was shocked at how much Bridgette changed after their trip to the farm.

I don't think I have ever met an owner that said she needed to fire herself! Bridgette was so overwhelmed with her financial situation that she had totally given up. In fact her favorite phrase was, "What's the point, nobody listens."

This defeatist attitude of Bridgette's had affected her business, and she didn't realize it. She felt so overwhelmed that instead of leading her staff and setting expectations, she approached them in a passive-aggressive, negative way, because she felt they wouldn't do the right thing anyway. When I spoke to the staff, they all agreed that Bridgette had no rules, got distracted easily, was negative, and that they didn't listen to her because she had no follow through.

Another problem in the salon was Chelsea and Peggy! Peggy enabled Bridgette, and I understood the motherly love, but it wasn't helping. Chelsea acted entitled and the staff resented it. It's never easy working with family, and I needed to get Bridgette to understand she had to stand on her own two feet and hold Chelsea accountable.

I realized it was going to take some work to get through to her and that's when I decided to utilize China, her horse. After speaking with her, it was clear she had an issue with being authoritative. She didn't want to be viewed as mean, which carried over into all aspects of her life, even with her horse. I was amazed with the changes in Bridgette and the staff. Who knew being on the farm for the day would bring out the boss in her.

I was so proud of Bridgette when we came back for reopening day and she showed me her policy manual with rules and consequences. I knew that she had finally found her authoritative voice.

I spoke to Bridgette today and she is doing amazingly well. I was so happy to hear that Jason was also.