Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha talks about how hard it can be to get over a walkout.

on Feb 1, 2012

The staff that was left at the salon also felt the loss. They felt abandoned and letdown by the other stylists, not only from their leaving but also because they were talking badly about the salon around town. And Pat came off as checked out, since she was not willing to discuss what happened. I knew I had to get them all to face it if they were going to move on and save their business and reputation.

The interesting thing about a salon like Pat's is that it does cater to a certain generation of clients. However businesses need new people coming in all the time to not only help grow the business financially but also to motivate staff and grow a clientele. Everyone at the salon had become so complacent and used to their long-time clients that they had forgotten to treat them as clients. Although hairdressing is a very personal relationship business, it is still a business. Clients need to be consulted with, stylists need to act professionally and remember that they are there to provide a service. It was something that these ladies had forgotten, and I figured a little etiquette lesson would be the best way to remind them, and it worked.