Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha dishes on opening the club owners' minds (and meeting her doppelganger).

on Apr 11, 2013

Wow these guys were stubborn and stuck in their ways! It can be the kiss of death to any business to get stuck in its ways, rest on its laurels, and refuse to change. Everything changes and businesses need to learn to change with the times, the customers, and adapt to what is going on around them.

Bob, Cal, and Dennis didn’t, and instead of listening to their staff and their customers, they had the mentality of “this is how we have always done it” and it wasn’t cutting it anymore.

It was such an interesting dynamic at Club VIP.  Many of the staff had been there for years -- some started out as customers, some came out and found themselves there, and most agreed Bob and Cal really took on the role as surrogate parents. The problem with a lot of parent child relationships is that parents don’t like being told by their children what to do and children don’t like to see their parents fight, stressed out, or feel like they are being dismissed, and that was happening at the club.

The staff’s passion for not only the business but also the owners was great, but they felt like the “grumpy old men” had given up on everything. Bob was the day to day guy and the owner that the staff interacted with the most, but they felt he was closed down to not only change but to listening to them and his micromanagement (especially of Lisa) was breaking their spirit and their willingness to keep the passion going.