Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha hopes that Dougie can find the right balance between professionalism and tackiness.

on Jan 3, 2011


I was excited and nervous about going to P-Town. Excited because I had never been there and always wanted to visit and also about the new business issue I was faced with -- a salon that had a small window of time to make the bulk of their money. I was nervous because, well, it's P-Town. One road in and out, and let's face it, I'm hard to hide!

Dougie has owned West End Salon and been in P-Town for over 20 years. In the beginning his shtick and antics were new and different to the area. The problem is Provincetown has grown up, as have the people that spend their time there, and West End's shtick has become tacky, tired, old, and tragic. They are the talk of the town but not in a good way!

I didn't want to change the "essence" of West End Salon. It was in the middle of town in a beautiful old captain's house, but they weren't providing the relaxing professional service clients wanted. I kept hearing excuses about how this is P-Town and anything goes. But what I did find out about the area is that that there are amazing restaurants, bars, boutiques, and hotels that cater to high-end clients that come to Provincetown to relax, enjoy, and have fun. Many of them spend their summers there, and these high-end clients need services done and require good work, professional service, and a relaxing environment (P-Town or not). West End just wasn't providing it.

It took a while for everyone to catch on to my lunch from hell exercise. I think Robbie thought he was at the Four Season with his Maserati parked outside! But Dougie and the rest of the staff truly started to understand what was going on, and it opened their eyes to the changes that needed to be made and the possibilities of the salon.