Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha hopes that Dougie can find the right balance between professionalism and tackiness.

on Jan 3, 2011

I also wanted Dougie to start to trust his staff and step away from his business. He was working so many hours, burning himself out, and frankly being an ineffective manager. His staff needed to feel trusted, and I knew John would be a great manager. He was committed to both the salon and Dougie, and he truly wanted change. Bringing the group together to get rid of the negative energy was a way to get them to bond before the renovation and let them think about some of the marketing ideas I had given them.

I liked Dougie, but I felt he was so resistant to change and so scared to take time away from his business and stop his shtick. He felt that the shtick was his identity, but it stopped people from knowing the real person. When I had a sit down heart to heart with him, he admitted how much life and living he had missed out on. That's why I decided it was time for him and Jimmy to finally have the ceremony they deserved. It was my way of telling Dougie to stop and smell the roses, and that it's okay to be you and enjoy life.

When I went back to West End salon, I was disappointed to hear that things hadn't entirely changed. But as John pointed out, it takes a while for Dougie to come around, and I am optimistic he will find the balance between professional behavior and tackiness. I was glad to see that Robbie had changed. He had sent me a personal message before my return telling me he was still in shock and was constipated for a month after my departure. But thanks to his Reiki practitioner working on him and a good bowel movement, he was thankful for my visit!