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Adam Glick Faces Off with Malia White... Then Heads Home with Hannah Ferrier?! 5 Clips You Need to See

See what's buzzing on #BelowDeckMed and #ANightWithMyEx.

Adam Glick may still not be happy with the way things turned out for him after his Below Deck Mediterranean fling with Malia White, but that doesn't mean he's given up on love just yet. Cue: Hannah Ferrier. We're breaking down some of the buzziest moments in The Daily Dish Morning After

1.  Below Deck Mediterranean

When the crew decided to go out and party, Adam and Malia had it out in the club (and the chef certainly used some saucy language). But he had already been flirting with Hannah outside, so perhaps all is not lost after all.

2.  Don't Hate the Player...


Below Deck Mediterranean
Did Malia Play Adam?
Adam has the texts to prove she strung him along.

... Hate the game. You know what? Adam's real issue might be with the game of the love, not Malia.

3.  All Aboard

Below Deck Mediterranean
Malia Goes Off on Bobby
Malia's promotion to lead deckhand is causing major issues.

Of course, Malia's problems aren't just personal. Now that she's been promoted to lead deckhand, her issues are also seeping into her work life as well, as you can see above.

4.  A Night with My Ex

A Night with My Ex
Sunnie Reaches Her Boiling Point
She accuses Matt of driving her crazy.

This week on A Night with My Ex, we met up with exes Sunnie and Matt. And clearly, Sunnie is still pretty steamed about the way things went down with her ex-beau.

5.  Second Chances?

A Night with My Ex
Sunnie Wants an Open House Relationship
It's basically just an open relationship.

Matt, however, would be into a second chance with his fiery former flame. Though, this might not be what he was expecting.

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