Andy Cohen Introduces 'The Real Women of SNL'

Cocktails, weave pulling, and dance hits abound.

Mazel to our Andy Cohen, who had the honor of kicking off Monday night's Women of SNL special. We knew he be perched amid some of the funniest women to ever grace the SNL stage, but we weren't prepared for what unfolded. Andy and the ladies covered familiar territory -- there was weave pulling, signature cocktails, and finally an answer to the question "where to the 'Wives go when they storm off stage?" Nora Dunn channeled the Countess, Tiny Fey gave it her best Kim Zolciak (or was it Danielle... Or LuAnn?), and Rachel Dratch got all Caroline Manzo, reminding the ladies that they are, after all, famileeeeeeee.

If you missed any of it (or just want to hear Tina's "I Wanna Spend Some Time Witcha" again), enjoy:

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