What Does Captain Lee Rosbach Think of Captain Mark Howard's Leadership Skills?

The #BelowDeck boss sounds off on some of his #BelowDeckMed counterpart's big decisions.

He may not be steering the Ionian Princess, but Below Deck's Captain Lee Rosbach has still had some very strong opinions about Below Deck Mediterranean this season. And they haven't all been so positive, especially when it comes to how deckhand Danny Zureikat has behaved on the boat

Captain Lee must look at Below Deck Med's Captain Mark Howard with an even more critical eye since he's been in his position before and all. But as Captain Lee live tweeted Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck Med, which carried over into Wednesday, he expressed only the utmost respect for Captain Mark's decisions so far this season. "Capt Mark is an outstanding mariner with out a doubt," he said in one tweet. "No one knows how they might react until they are in that [situation]."


Though Captain Lee definitely doesn't think Danny is the best employee, he didn't fault Captain Mark for his choice to only reprimand the deckhand for fraternizing with charter guest Morgan by taking away his tip instead of firing him, as other crewmembers and viewers suspected would happen. "Not my circus, not my monkeys, every Capt. has his own way of handling things," he tweeted. "I would never 2nd guess Capt Mark."


Though Captain Lee wouldn't exactly say whether or not he would have dealt with the docking drama differently, he altogether praised Captain Mark's experienced handling of the situation.


But what we really want to know is if Captain Lee thinks the crew has "screwed the pooch" yet, as he often likes to say when his crew messes up royally on Below Deck. "Should be a litter of puppies running around on deck by now, the pooch has been screwed so much," he told one Twitter user.


Good old Captain Lee.

Learn more Captain Lee-isms, below.

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