Brandi Glanville Wants 'Normal Life' for Sons

But she and Eddie will keep them “grounded, sweet, safe.”

Brandi Glanville
Welcome to Brandi Glanville’s new normal.
"Eddie and I can't agree right now that they can be in the background on the show," the Beverly Hills Housewife tells UsWeekly about not seeing her sons, 9-year-old Mason and 5-year-old Jake, on the show this season. "They're really cute, though!"
Why so camera shy, B? "It's hard because Eddie's like,'I want them to have a normal life,'” the blonde stunner explains herex’s point of view. “I'm like, 'A normal life [with] a singer? They go on a tour bus halfway across the country and go backstage at these concerts. Then they have a dad as an actor -- [seeing him] kissing different girls on TV is going to be hard. And then they have me -- God knows what I am, but I'm me! It's not going to be normal."
Despite their unconventional upbringing and famous country singing stepmother, Brandi’s steering her boys clear of any over-the-top L.A. lifestyle. “I would do anything for them, and so would Eddie. No matter what the situation is, we’re going to keep them grounded, sweet, safe, not entitled. My kids are not entitled; they’re hurricanes, but they’re not entitled.”
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