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Charlie Sheen Opens Up About Having HIV in Hollywood

The actor revealed how his diagnosis has affected his career and his health on #WWHL.

It's been a little more than a year since Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV positive on The TODAY Show, but the actor hasn't let his health struggles get him down. "It's pretty good, man. It's pretty good," Charlie gave an update on his health during his visit to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "Not bad for a sick guy, right?"  

But one WWHL caller wondered if coming out with his diagnosis had any effect on his career. "No, it's been nothing but love. I don't know if someone chose not to hire me or meet me or whatever because of that, because I'm not behind those closed doors before I'm invited," he said during the WWHL After Show. "But it's given me an opportunity to check a box in this lifetime that's not rooted in fiction, in film, or TV, to actually leave something bitchin' behind." 

Charlie talked about his work in trying to find better treatment for the disease by being a part of an FDA study for a drug called PRO 140, which he thinks is going to be "a global gamechanger." "So anybody out there with the same stuff I have, the closest thing to a cure is enroute," Charlie claimed during the WWHL After Show. "It's one shot a week. It's not this hideous cocktail. And most drug commercials these days, the list of side effects are longer than the actual commercial, you know? Ours doesn't have any... Nothing. Zero. It's awesome."

Watch Charlie talk more about his fight to find a cure for HIV, below.

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After Show: Has Hollywood Been Fair to Charlie?
Part II: A WWHL caller asks actor Charlie Sheen whether he’s experienced unfair treatment from Hollywood in terms of being offered roles since he went public with his HIV diagnosis.
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