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You'll Never Guess Why Chrissy Teigen Had to Defend Herself Against an Internet Troll

The Cravings author was quick to clap back. 

Chrissy Teigen is a social media master. The model and cookbook author uses her impressive tweeting skills to hilariously troll her husband, share recipe ideas, and — when the occasion calls — shut down an Internet hater. So, when a Twitter user questioned Teigen's cooking skills on November 7, the Cravings author was quick to clap back. 

Here's how it all went down. Aftter Teigen took to Twitter to share that she has no plans to use the platform's new, expanded character count — users now have 280 characters to express their views, as opposed to the previous 140 — a fan made a comment about Teigen's cooking skills. We're not sure how his comment related to hers, to be honest, but you can see the snipe below: 

Pity the social media user who thinks he can take down Teigen without a fight. (She does sing fight songs, after all!) Shortly after the user commented on what he perceives to be Teigen's lack of cooking skills, another fan challenged him on how he knew anything about her cooking skills. Had Teigen cooked for him before?

The pot-stirrer admitted that she had not, but shared that he enjoys going to the grocery store to select ingredients for dinners he then cooks for his dates, so he's probably a better chef than Teigen. (Again, the logic here is a tad unclear, but, everyone's entitled to an opinion.)


It wasn't long before Teigen herself hopped on Twitter to shut down the allegation that she can't cook. After all, she has rather impressive proof that she can

Boom! Chrissy Teigen: still the undisputed Twitter champ. And we hear her banana bread is excellent. 

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