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Talk Bubble Turns on Kelly, Heads Turn on Ramona’s Bikini and Here Comes… Jill?!

The Bethenny-Kelly war raged on this week and Talk Bubblers firmly planted their flags with Team Bethenny. In fact, the bubble was aflow with anti-Kelly vitriol. @tvscreener landed the first blow with “If Kelly's head starts spinning around, I will not be surprised.” @cwebbie tossed a couple more grenades, shouting, “NOTHING makes you look crazier than eating jelly beans while accusing someone of murder.

But as the Bubble got to popping, a ragtag team of @kikilet supporters lent their support to the clearly troubled housewife. East Coast Talk Bubble Guest Host @JacLaurita (a.k.a. Jackie from RHONJ) zinged “If you think @Kikilet is crazy then YOU guys DON'T know crazy! Then @UPSgirl delivered this special package: “people thought Einstein was crazy too. lol. Ur awesome, Kelly.”

@kikilet herself, perhaps emboldened by a show of support, challenged @Docdreee to “…sit in a room with these sharks and see how you swim.”

In the end, the Talk Bubble became a 21st century support group, with viewers and Bravolebrities alike chiming in to offer everything from uninformed medical opinions to heartfelt concern. During the East Coast feed, housewife @jillzarin admitted that this was “the most painful episode to watch,” and asked, “are you ok @kikilet?”

But @kikilet seemed to have recuperated well from the harrowing episode when she laughed, “this episode was hilarious. I feel badly for all the fans who are concerned, they are lovely sweet people.”

Kelly did manage to have a bit of fun with the other wives when they hit the beach for a sexy photo shoot. Again, @jillzarin was watching from home when she joined the rest of the Bubble in a double take at Ramona: “Have to say Ramona did look great in a bikini.” Even younger Bubblers like @littlemissashe were envious, saying “@ramonasinger looks so good in a bikini, I'm jealous and I'm only 22!”

But the fun wouldn’t last through dinner. “There was a string in Kelly’s steak! Can you believe Bethenny’s luck?” asked @ramonasinger. Maybe @Reality_Mess was right when she charged “@Bethenny that is nice of you to cook, but it's not your gift, you’re doing business… not from your heart.” Ouch!

Next week, the wives are in for a surprise, as @jillzarin whips out what @BidYouthReturn called “brass balls” and crashes the party with an unannounced visit.

@SimonvanKempen said this might have been “the best ever #realhousewives.” But @LadyJE said we were all “like Romans watching lions eat people.”

What did you guys think? Sound off below and we’ll see you at next week’s Talk Bubble!