Denise Richards Talks About Her Scary New Gig (No, It’s Not the Real Housewives)

The RHOBH newbie and actress was sure to consult her daughter before saying yes to the new project.

Kyle Richards, who acted in Halloween, isn't the only Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 'Wife with a horror film on her résumé. New cast member Denise Richards just appeared in the indie flick The ToyBox, which tells the chilling tale of a family taking a road trip in a haunted RV. And, speaking of family, Denise was sure to consult her daughter before signing on to participate in the flick. 

Speaking to SyFy, the newlywed said: "The director sent me the script and my oldest daughter, she and her friends are just getting into watching horror movies, especially around Halloween-time. I ran it past my daughter and she was very excited I was going to be part of a horror film."

And once Denise had accepted the role, she was fully committed to the gore. "I think my favorite scene was shooting my death scene," she revealed. "You have to commit if you want the scene to be scary and have elements where you don't know. I think people will be surprised how it ends up." 

The actress should know: She admits that she likes watching thrillers herself — and has since she was a wee one. "I love watching Friday the 13th so those movies were always my favorites as a kid and growing up," she says.

And when it comes to real-life scares, there's a certain insect that gives her the shivers. "Things that scare me? I don't like black widow spiders. Deadly spider? Those I can definitely do without," she said.

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