Does Lisa Vanderpump Pry Too Much? The RHOBH 'Wife Explains Her Conversation About Eileen Davidson's Marriage

"I'd rather talk about somebody else than talk about myself. That's who I am," the #RHOBH entrepreneur says.

Farrah Abraham's supposed guest list snub wasn't the only buzzy moment to come out of the Bella magazine White Party honoring Lisa Vanderpump. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills restaurateur also stirred up some drama on her own when she attempted to get the backstory on Eileen Davidson's marriage to Vincent Van Patten, as seen on this week's episode. Lisa specifically wanted to know more about when the couple started dating — since Eileen and Vince were each married to other people when they first met — and proceeded with a line of questioning that definitely made the soap star feel uncomfortable.

The two women later hashed it out and seemed to bury the hatchet, but when Lisa spoke to The Daily Dish she shared just why she wanted to know more about the couple's history. "I'm very open. After doing 200 episodes of reality [TV], you're just an open book. I was just asking her. I didn't expose anything that hadn't been talked about before," Lisa said. "And then two days later, she says, 'I was uncomfortable.' And, to me, if you're uncomfortable with anything being said — I mean the cameras are around us all — just say, 'Oh, I don't want to talk about that.' But she actually volunteered some information about herself. And then the next day I said verbatim, because I never remember exactly what I said, but when I looked at the trailer and I said, 'I apologize if I said something that made you feel uncomfortable.' And then she goes on and on about it for another 10 weeks."

In looking back on the moment and the fallout from it, it seems Lisa wasn't actually trying to ruffle any feathers — she was simply trying to get to know her fellow Housewife a little better. "I'd rather talk about somebody else than talk about myself. That's who I am. And also, we are bringing two women into a show, Kathryn [Edwards] and Erika [Girardi], and we don't know Eileen that well on the show, I also feel like it gives them a chance to talk about themselves. Everyone knows me so well on the show. I feel in some way it's being selfless giving them a chance to open up to the audience." 

Check out the moment that Eileen confronted Lisa about the dinner party, below.

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Eileen Davidson Is Bothered By Lisa's Questions
Eileen is quick to clear the air, but Lisa Vanderpump doesn't think there's an issue.
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