Imposters Returns for Season 2 This April: Get Your First Look at the Cons to Come

Check out the first trailer for Season 2 of Imposters!

The con is back on this spring! Imposters returns for Season 2 on Thursday, April 5 at 10/9c. 

When we last left Imposters, it looked like the Bumblers, Ezra (Rob Heaps), Richard (Parker Young), and Jules (Marianne Rendón), were ready to get even more into the game just as Maddie (Inbar Lavi) was looking to get out. So that's where we find them when Season 2 begins. "All I'm looking for is a nice, quiet life in a nice, quiet town," Maddie says in the trailer for Season 2, which you can check out, above.

But as we saw in Season 1 of Imposters, once the game gets a hold of you, it's not so easy to get out. More conning adventures await Maddie and the Bumblers in Season 2 as the former colleague Max (Brian Benben), FBI agent Patrick (Stephen Bishop), and The Doctor (Ray Proscia) are hot on their trail.


In addition to these beloved characters, we'll also get to meet some new faces this season, including Shelly Cohen, the ex-husband of Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman), who will be portrayed by Imposters executive producer and co-creator Paul Adelstein. Oh, and you'll see the return of Lenny herself in the Season 2 trailer, which is sure to add some fierceness to your day. 

Check out the full trailer above to catch a sneak peek of all the twists and turns this season of Imposters has in store. Then, see what else is coming up this season, below.

Here's Your First Look at Imposters Season 2!
Maddie and the Bumblers are back — and up to their same old tricks.
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