Which Song Do You Like More: Shay's "Bye Felicia" or "Feeling You" by James and Lala?

Which #PumpRules track is landing a spot on your personal playlist?

There's a real battle brewing at SUR. You see, not only have James Kennedy and Lala Kent recorded a romantic duet together, but Scheana Shay's hubby, Mike Shay, also put out a new track this week. Musically, Shay's song "Bye Felicia" is very different from James and Lala's "Feeling You," which they performed acoustically during this week's After Show. Shay's jam is aimed at poking some fun at the SURvers, while the James and Lala tune is a love song which just so happens to include the Brit spitting some rhymes.

If you haven't heard the tracks for yourself, our one question is this: What are you waiting for? (We've included both below for your listening pleasure.)


So which song are you jamming to? "Bye Felicia" or "Feeling You"? Vote!

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