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Stranger Things' Joe Keery Discovers Kim Kardashian's Obsession with the Supernatural Series

He could probably stand to be a little more excited, though.

The supernatural Netflix hit Stranger Things boasts of many celebrity fans, including Kim Kardashian, who finally started watching and Tweeting about it recently.

This was news to Stranger Things star Joe Keery, who learned about it while hanging out on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

"I'm looking at how excited you are; your face is going nuts," Andy Cohen commented about Keery's completely unenthused reaction.

"Holy crap, yes, oh my gosh," he deadpanned.

That's the total opposite reaction of his co-star Millie Bobby Brown, who told Jimmy Fallon last month how obsessed she is with the Kardashians and their slang, and they gushed right back.

Netflix officially announced Stranger Things was renewed for Season 3 on Friday, so there's a lot more on the way.

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