Julia Allison: 'I Was Completely Delusional'

How the 'Miss Advised' star rewrote her relationship rules.

Ah-ha! Julia Allison has (finally) experienced a much-needed breakthrough when it comes to love and finding Mr. Right.

"I was completely delusional," the Miss Advised star admits to TV Guide about her search for a husband. "I thought the problem was I couldn't find the right guy but ... I had created an idea of what marriage should be based on my parents involving the suburbs, monogamy and daily routines I'm not interested in. I was setting up a situation where I'd fail."

But that's not the case today. "I realized I can make my own rules and I don't have to have the relationship my parents had," explains the Illinois native, who also learned another valuable love lesson recently -- turn it down a notch.

"The skillset I have learned to utilize in my career -- which is aggressive, masculine, focused, directed -- that is not the energy you want to bring on a date," says the expert on personal branding. "I was interrogating these guys and I always thought that was very charming and it was not charming to watch! There was no romantic energy. I'm starting to believe the things that make you good in a career make you bad in a relationship."

Add one more newfound belief to the pile. "I'm starting to believe people who have chronic problems need to have a camera crew follow them. It was massively effective."

Is Julia's fresh outlook working in her favor? Follow along with her love life using our Tweet Tracker.

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