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Kelly Clarkson Teams Up With Josh Groban

Plus: the truth behind Dennis Quaid's meltdown and more viral news.

What's going viral? Who's been the top trending topic on Twitter? And what are the news stories that had us obsessed today? There's plenty of can't-miss stuff out there beyond our Bravoverse. And every day, we're rounding up all the must-see stories, Tweets, Instagrams, YouTubes, Vines, and more in one handy place. Enjoy!

Kelly Clarkson Finds Her Phantom
Who knew that the sweet musical stylings of Kelly and Josh Groban could pair up so well? Because they do, as evidenced by their cover of the classic Phantom of the Opera track "All I Ask of You." The track will be featured on Josh's upcoming album Stages, out later this month. And this particular selection is simply music to our ears.

This Couple Has a Pretty Unique Pregnancy Announcement
Gathering up your closest friends and family to tell them you're expecting a baby is so last millennium. So Oregon couple Melissa and Jesse Meeks decided to go the uber creative route and announce their pregnancy in a video set to the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. The lyrics are tailor-made for the now very viral clip that has amassed over 3 million views since being posted online. So, you could say their fetus is already pretty famous. We're waiting for it to start its own Instagram account in 5, 4, 3...

This Guy Does an Awesome Robin Williams
Robin Williams was pretty much a mastermind when it came impressions and creating iconic characters. And now actor Jamie Costa is paying homage to the late actor by showing off his own uncanny ability to take on personalities by tackling some of Robin's most memorable roles. And his ability to impersonate Robin is kind of insanely good. So good that while watching it we forgot we weren't actually watching Robin.

The Truth Behind the Dennis Quaid Meltdown Revealed...
Remember how everyone was like "OMG! Did Dennis Quaid really have an epic on-set meltdown?" after footage of him appearing to do so hit the web. Well, it turns out it was, indeed, a prank and not some real drama. And while Jimmy Kimmel had nothing to do with it (as was suspected), the comic minds at Funny or Die are actually the masterminds behind it. Funny or Die has released a follow-up clip that set the record straight. So it turns out that Dennis isn't really a F-bomb throwing diva after all. Turns out Andy Cohen was right all along.

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