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Kim Zolciak Fires Back on 'Housewives' Exit

Exclusive: With news of her spin-off, Kim wants to clear up a few things.

By now, you may have heard that Kim Zolciak will handing in her Real Housewives of Atlanta peach and reprising her spin-off show Don't Be Tardy... for a second season. There's plenty of accusations being thrown around regarding Kim's exit, so The Dish went straight to Kim to find out what really went down when it came to her dramatic Housewives departure, her future show, those nasty rumors and who she plans on staying in touch with on the RHOA cast (her answer might surprise you).

Firstly, congrats on your new Don't Be Tardy season. What are your thoughts about all of the news going on?

The bottom line is this: I left Housewives because I was in a position where I was very pregnant and I'm at a very different place in my life. It's almost like I cannot relate to the other women. I want to be home with my family, and it was just so combative and so aggressive. I can handle it and I have for five years, but it got to the point where my blood pressure was really high, and it wasn't before I started filming. I had another life to think about. It's really that simple.

I was not fired, and it is unbelievable to me that NeNe would sit here and say something so ludicrous. You can't get fired and then get a promotion. It doesn't make sense. Is she that angry? What's funny is she has so many things going on in her life but she's still staying tuned into me.

On the upcoming episode of Housewives, you make quite a dramatic exit. What was your mindstate when that all went down?

I had a lot going on personally. I was moving, I had a one year old at home and a lot of personal things going on. That lunch started out fine, and it got rather aggressive. The ladies were coming at me. I could not go to Anguilla -- I had my son four weeks to the day that they left. Anguilla is another country that you can only get to by boat or helicopter, and I had KJ three weeks early. I just couldn't go. It just got so nasty so fast. I felt like the whole table was coming at me and I was feeling so upset and stressed that I just got up and said 'I'm done.' I don't need to be in that position. My main concern at that time was my son in my stomach. They can all come and attack me, I can handle myself and I've proven that over the years, but for me I had my son's health that I had to think about. I was getting so upset. My husband was outside in the car and saw how hysterical I was and he said 'Kim, enough is enough.' I tell the cameras 'get the f--- out of my face,' and that's it. I didn't film another scene.

So what will Tardy be about with no wedding to plan?

It's about my family. I had a really great time doing Tardy for the Wedding. As stressful as it was planning the wedding, I had a really good time doing the show. I think people got to see more of who I am and my surroundings when I'm not placed in combative situations. Do I get into disagreements with friends and family? Of course, it's life! But I'm filming with my family ... And, you know, who doesn't want their own show? I'm so blessed to have that. It's incredible and I'm grateful for that. So while NeNe has roles, I have shows.

Which of the RHOA ladies do you think you'll keep in touch with now that you're off the show?

Not a one. I don't like this whole backstabbing, negative, slandering my name thing. My housing situation -- I was not evicted. Eviction is when you don't pay your rent. They all f----- know I have plenty of f----- money, and they know I was not evicted ... For them to insinuate something different, like NeNe with my credit? I have perfect credit, pull my f----- record. I can't say the same about her. I won't miss the negativity. I won't miss all that. There comes a time in point for adults to grow up.

What's the best memory you'll take away from your time Housewives

Meeting my husband, and Don't Be Tardy for the Party. Had I never been on the show, I'd have never met my husband. Number two, Don't Be Tardy for the Party was incredible. I did Ellen, I did Wendy Williams, I did all these great shows. I lived the dream. I always wanted to do that and I'll always have that memory for the rest of my life. (Click the Photo Below to See Kim & Kroy's Wedding Album)

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann at their Wedding

Is there anything the cameras haven't captured in your life?

I think there's a lot of things -- like going through my move, things get misconstrued not from an editing standpoint, but that there's so much more to the story. You can't possibly show the entire story in a 45 minute segment while sharing the slot with six other women ... I think the relationship I have with my kids, I think people don't get to see that as much and just sometimes how hard it can be to be in the public eye. It's tough -- I don't think people understand that I'm a human being, too. I'm a mother, I'm a friend, I'm a wife and it's not always easy. How could you possibly know me from maybe 10-12 minutes every Sunday? And I look pretty crazy this season on Housewives. I know I do. I don't like who I am in these episodes. I was very stressed out, and I look very ungrateful and negative. That's not who I am.

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