Luann and Carole's Feud Spills Onto Social Media

The 'RHONY' stars take their in-show beef to Twitter.

This week’s Real Housewives of New York City drama didn’t end with the closing credits, as Carole Radziwill and Luann de Lesseps continued to trade barbs on social media after last night’s premiere.

In this week’s episode, Luann was less than pleased to learn about Carole’s involvement with Adam, a chef that the Countess hired in the Hamptons, who also used to date Luann’s niece.

Luann took her disapproval to Twitter, writing…

Carole then fired back, tweeting...

Luann then went further, writing…

That’s when the drama diverted from social media back to Bravo, where Carole happened to be a guest on Watch What Happens Live. When Andy asked Carole about Luann’s tweets, Carole said, “No, no, let me be clear. They broke up over a year before I ever met Adam, and the trip that she’s referring to is a trip to Nicaragua where he runs a non-profit, a farm in Nicaragua, and they were going with a whole group of people because after they broke up they remained friends, and are still very friendly to this day. It was not a bad breakup.”

“Let me say I think hell will freeze over before I care what Luann thinks of my dating life,” Carole added. “I think our philosophies are very different. How can I say this? She likes variety—young, old, married, single. And I don’t roll that way.”

Luann then took the drama back to the digital world, telling The Real Mr. Housewife, “She has really crossed the line… She comes to my house and she decides that she fancies him. I’m not uncool. I’m a cool woman…You don’t mess with people’s family and people that they take into their family.”

That’s when Carole revealed this unique connection she has to Luann’s family…

Regardless, the Countess insists, “There is a code: you do not hit on people’s help. You do not.”

[Source: Real Mr. Housewife]

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