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Did Madonna Mean to Shade Kim Kardashian When She Impersonated Her?

The Material Girl's impressions ran wild on the latest installment of "Lip Flip" on The Tonight Show.

It took only two words for viewers of The Tonight Show to understand how Madonna views Kim Kardashian. Host Jimmy Fallon invited her to play "Lip Flip," a funny recurring segment where he and his guest's lips are superimposed on the other person, and he asked Madonna to impersonate Kardashian walking into a party.

"Hiiiiiiiiiii," she said, effecting a vocal fry. And when asked to impersonate Kardashian leaving a party, Madonna said, "Byeeeeeeee!"

This would have been funny enough were it not immediately followed by Madonna beatboxing so that Fallon could rap a few bars from Run-DMC's hip-hop classic "Peter Piper." The Material Girl is a woman of many talents. Check out the video, below.



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