Adam Glick Just Gave His Opinion on Malia White and Wes Walton and You're Not Going to Believe it

Just like onions, the #BelowDeckMed chef also has a lot of layers.

Adam Glick didn't get the girl this season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Malia White ended up with Wes Walton at the end of the season, and the yachties revealed that they're still an item today when the crew reunited during Watch What Happens Live: Below Deck Mediterranean

So what does the Below Deck Med chef think of Malia and the match today? Adam revealed all when The Daily Dish caught up with him earlier this summer, and you can see his response in the video, above. We wouldn't blame you if you needed to watch it a few times, because you may not believe your eyes and ears upon the first viewing.

Andy Cohen also pondered whether or not Adam still has feelings for Malia during this season's Below Deck Med reunion. You can find the answer to that burning question, below.

Watch What Happens Live
Does Chef Adam Still Love Malia?
After getting a sense that #BelowDeckMed chef Adam Glick may still have feelings for crewmate Malia White in spite of her relationship with Wes Walton, Andy Cohen asks Adam if he still loves Malia.
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