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Michael Bublé Experienced the Wrath of Kris Jenner After He Made a Joke About Kim Kardashian

The singer spills about a tense encounter with the momager during his visit to #WWHL.

Kris Jenner is like a mama bear when it comes to her children. And no one knows that better than crooner Michael Bublé, who experienced the momager protecting her kubs firsthand after he made a joke about daughter Kim Kardashian

Michael grabbed headlines in 2011 when he fooled the crowd during an iHeart Radio Live concert, saying that Kim would be taking the stage. "And I was like, 'No, I'm just messing with you.' And I said, 'That bitch is never coming on my stage,' I said, 'because she didn't put me in that video.' I said, 'I'm so jealous of Ray J' or whatever," Michael said of the joke on Thursday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live

Well, not everyone found that joke so funny. When Michael ran into Kris at the filming of his Christmas in Hollywood special last year, which featured an appearance from daughter Kylie Jenner, she confronted the singer about what seemed like a wisecrack at Kim K.'s expense. Michael said that Kris gave him "a ton of sh** about" it. "All that her mom read was that I called her a 'bitch,'" he said on WWHL. "They weren't happy about it." 

But when Michael explained to Kris that his intention was to poke fun at himself, not to call Kim names, she totally got it. Consider this famous feud extinguished. 

See more of Michael's very revealing visit to the Bravo Clubhouse, below.

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