Is Porsha Williams Ready to Be a Mom? Phaedra Parks Offers Her BFF Some Advice

"I just want her to take her time because it is a life changing endeavor," the #RHOA pal shared.

As of late, Porsha Williams has been toying with the idea of having a baby — whether or not she's in a serious relationship. And it's an endeavor that her The Real Housewives of Atlanta bestie, Phaedra Parks, is willingly giving advice to her about, being that she's a mom who is raising her two sons on her own.

"Being a mother, you have to be selfless, and you lose your life to your children, and so I tell people don't walk into it as a single person if you have the option to have a man who can love you and share the journey," Phaedra told The Daily Dish. "Because it's not something that you would willing go into alone with a newborn baby."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Does Porsha Williams Have a New Man?
Not exactly, but she may have someone to be the father of her children.

Phaedra is quick to point out that there are several reasons why she feels being a mom with a partner is the best first option since having a kid is an altering experience on every level. "Postpartum issues is definitely a reality for a lot of women. And the type of lives that Porsha and I lead we do a lot of fabulous things and we have a lot of opportunity to do great things, and once you become a parent you have to reevaluate those activities. And you have to really focus on your children, but I just want her to take her time because it is a life changing endeavor."

But when the stork does land on Porsha's doorstep, Phaedra has no doubt she has the skills to take on the role. "She's a great person and I know she's gonna be a fabulous mom," she said. "And so I think from the evenings that she's babysat my kids and they have gave her a run for her money, she is not romanticizing it anymore. She might have got on birth control actually."

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