Ramona Singer Opens Up About Her Troubled Marriage

"It was my success as a celebrity reality star and notoriety that bothered him," the #RHONY star says. 

Although the newly-single Ramona Singer has admitted that she’s ”having fun” dating again, we’ve witnessed the impact divorce has had on the Real Housewives of New York star. As her split from Mario is being finalized, the outspoken blonde opened up about why things started to fall apart. "It was my success as a celebrity reality star and notoriety that bothered him,” she tells People. “If someone said, ‘Can I take a photo with Ramona?’ or interrupted our conversation at dinner, he would get upset.” Despite a 22-year history, the pair, who most friends described as a “dream couple,” began drifting apart. "I think he felt that we were no longer a team," she explained. 

“He could have jumped in but he continued to be passive,” she continued. As his resentment grew, Mario began an affair — something that eventually was unforgivable to Ramona. “The affair was really a symptom of unhappieness,” she said. “It’s still betrayal.”

In addition to doing something Andy has never seen before in the upcoming RHONY reunion, Ramona is also releasing her memoirLife on the Ramona Coaster, later this month. If you simply can’t wait for either, check out the most ramotional rides on the RamonaCoaster, below. 


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