Camille Grammer Reveals Her Daughter Suffered from Panic Attacks, Shows Support for Lisa Rinna's Daughter

Camille tweeted that it's "upsetting to watch our children go through this."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills crew bonded over panic attacks during their trip to Berlin on Tuesday's show. Kyle Richards admitted to first getting panic attacks as young as age 12, which she says was "way too young."

Then Lisa Rinna shared that her daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin, also started suffering from panic attacks at a young age. "Delilah had hers at 11. She had strept throat and three days later, she said to me, 'I'm not getting on the bus to go to school.' We had to have a doctor come to the house. She would not leave the house. She was instantly agoraphobic," she told the ladies.

In interview, Lisa shared that she and Harry Hamlin had to take certain steps to help their daughter through the situation. "We got her to go to school and Harry would have to go and sit outside of school while she was in school," she said. "And he did that for about two months. And he sat outside until about 11:30, 11:45. She could only stay at school for about that long, then they would go to the park, and then they would come home. It was a freaky time."

Rinna noted that she'll likely always deal with it, but further noted, "She's gotten it to a point where it's so much better." Lisa later shared that her condition stems from PANDAS.

Turns out, Delilah isn't the only Beverly Hills daughter who has suffered from the disorder. Camille Grammer also shared her teen daughter, Mason Grammer, has also dealt with the issue. "I can relate. Mason had panic attacks[.] [T]hey [stopped] about a year ago," she shared on Twitter. "But still upsetting to watch our children go through this."

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