Scheana Shay Explains Why She Ended Her Friendship with Lala Kent

The #PumpRules SURver wasn't just following orders.

Scheana Shay didn't hold back when it came to expressing her feelings toward Lala Kent in Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules. After Katie Maloney called out her fellow SURver for seeming to act too friendly around the ostracized hostess, Scheana respected her bestie's wishes and told Lala that they could no longer be friends (clip above). 

Some viewers thought the situation looked more like Scheana's pals dictating who she can and cannot be friends with and the SURver obeying orders. But Scheana defended her actions on Twitter during the episode, telling one user that she was not being a follower but a good friend. "Trying to respect a [friend's] wishes isn't following," Scheana tweeted. "Anyone who fat shames anyone isn't a friend to me."


Scheana went on to make it clear that no one tells her what to do. "No one dictates anything in my life other than me. I have amazing friends," she wrote in another tweet. "You don't see everything. Remember that!"


For those who think Scheana is just being a "mean girl," as one Twitter follower accused her of, she teased that we shouldn't judge before seeing the rest of the season.


And if we know anything about Vanderpump Rules, we know that there are sure to be plenty more dramatic twists and turns to come. While we wait to see how all this Lala drama unfolds, relive where it all began earlier this season, below.

Vanderpump Rules
James and Lala Are Not Wanted Here
When James and Lala attend the same party as the other SURvers, it's made abundantly clear that they are not welcomed.
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