Best New Restaurant

Want to Cook in Tom Colicchio's Kitchen?

February 4, 2015 • 10:55 AM ET
Have you ever wanted to pick up pro culinary tips from Tom Colicchio and his staff—while cooking in one of his kitchens? Now you can. Bravo is thrilled to announce a new social contest that will offer fans of Best New Restaurant the chance to...
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Bravo Invades Sundance 2015

You've met some of the competitors on our new show Best New Restaurant—and now it's time to sample the goods. Heading to Sundance 2015? You're in luck. Bravo is thrilled to announce we'll be partnering with the annual film festival and the...
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How Tom Colicchio Is Helping Americans Eat Better

Tom Colicchio: judge, restaurateur, and activist! The Best New Restaurant judge is taking on an issue that's near and dear to his heart: making sure Americans start to eat healthier. This year, Tom is one of the more than 700 chefs who...
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Get a Taste of the Food Featured on 'Best New Restaurant'

It's every TV foodie's fantasy: what does the food that's served up on a show actually taste like? Now, with the launch of our new competition show Best New Restaurant, you can find out—without leaving your couch! Bravo is thrilled to announce...
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Adam Platt Grills Tom Colicchio: the 10 Best Things We Learned

by Jocelyn Vena
January 14, 2015 • 2:50 PM ET
Over twelve seasons of Top Chef, Tom Colicchio has scoured the nation for the greatest new talents in cooking. He's expanding his search with Bravo's new show Best New Restaurant, where the cooking legend will seek out the most promising new biz...
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First Look at 'Best New Restaurant'

December 2, 2014 • 9:45 AM ET
Bravo Media is warming up winter with the new culinary competition series Best New Restaurant, premiering Wednesday, January 21 at 10p ET/PT. In our newest food competition series, acclaimed chef and restaurateur Tom Colicchio dines across the U.S...
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Tom Colicchio Dishes Secrets of 'Best New Restaurant'

Tom Colicchio knows a thing or two about good food and launching a restaurant. Which makes the Top Chef judge the perfect guy to host Bravo's newest series, Best New Restaurant, launching in January 2015....
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