The Rachel Zoe Project

Rachel Zoe's Romance with Hubby Rodger is 25 Years Strong

Twenty-five years fly by fast! Just ask Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman, who recently celebrated a quarter of a century together. The Rachel Zoe Project stylist paid tribute to her longtime love with a touching message on Instagram. "25...
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Remembering That Time "Rachel Zoe" Went to New York Comic Con

Hey, did you know that New York Comic Con has officially kicked off? No? Well, now you do. And to pay homage to the annual event, we're remembering the time "Rachel Zoe" headed to New York Comic Con back in 2013. So, why the quotations?...
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What Ever Happened to Taylor Jacobson?

by Marisa Laudadio
June 11, 2015 • 4:44 PM ET
Looking back at our shows, we often wonder about the people who've left. Where did they go when their moment in the Bravo spotlight was over? What are they up to now? Each week, we'll be looking into the lives of one of these familiar faces. Today...
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Rachel Zoe Gives Amazing Career Advice

by Sarv Kreindler
May 23, 2014 • 10:00 AM ET
Fashion entrepreneur Rachel Zoe might be a household name now, but there was once a time when she was just another young girl pounding the pavement in New York City with nothing but a dream, rock hard determination, and (presumably) a killer sense...
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Rachel Zoe Shares Adorable Family Portrait

Rachel Zoe, Rodger Berman and big brother Skyler have been getting to know the latest addition to their family, Kaius Jagger Berman, and perhaps not surprisingly, he's as photogenic as his fashion-forward parents and brother!...
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