Scheana Shay Breaks Down Exactly Why She's Not Interested in a Friendship with Katie Maloney-Schwartz

Is the Vanderpump Rules friendship officially over?

Scheana Shay proudly stood next to Katie Maloney-Schwartz and bawled her eyes out as her friend wed Tom Schwartz in August 2016. But less than a year later, things had majorly cooled between Scheana and Katie, as we found out this season of Vanderpump Rules

So how did this friendship get to such a bad place? Scheana explained why she's finally ready to say goodbye to this relationship when The Daily Dish caught up with her recently. Find out why Scheana felt like she was in "a mean girls situation" with Katie, Kristen Doute, and Stassi Schroeder in the video, above.

Katie gave her side of their rift in an interview with Us Weekly in December. "I kind of resolved it to — we don’t have to be best friends. I’m not going to hate you. I’m not going to ignore you or go out of my way to be rude. If I see you, I’m going to say, 'Hello. How are you?' That’s what I thought was going on. But then I would hear from other people that she’s saying all kinds of stuff," Katie explained. "I don’t understand. It’s like, 'I haven’t seen in her a while. Why is she talking like that? Why is she saying these things?' I don’t really know why she can’t let it go with me or just be chill about it. You’ll see a little more of what went wrong with Scheana and I over the season." 

Scheana and Katie's friendship isn't the only relationship that's on the rocks in next Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules at 9/8c. Catch a sneak peek of the major drama to come, below.

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