Achieving My Purpose

If winning means "following the herd," James-Paul doesn't want any part of it.

Just as Merlin predicted, he was going to be on the bottom. It was a very intimidating point he expressed because he was very confident with what he had said. Although I had a different prediction in which I have not spoken, I did say something different to make the situation, where people are placed in order of which they were going to be in the bottom. Of course it was all in the insinuation of Merlin. I was in the bottom today. I did expect it because I felt it for awhile. I am very proud of my dress and to answer Isaac Mizrahi’s question as to where the dress was going to be worn, it would be everywhere. The woman who would wear that dress is a woman who wants to look different, who is ahead of her time, and someone who wants to look special. I design clothes for an individual; she does not follow the herd. I would have wanted to make it more difficult. I should not apologize for the education I have received, nor should I feel guilty for my intelligence. I will not make myself think to a level that degrades who I am as a person. An ethnic minority like me should never do such a thing. And speaking of passion, my work is about a movement that went against the social norms of their time and is still beyond what everyone does to this day, and I represent such ideology from the 1920s. I believe I have achieved plenty, in regards to coming from a third world nation who was born, under martial law, and I am indeed passionate about being an independent thinker. I achieved my purpose for my dress. I made the judges react to something that was different to what they are accustomed to.

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