Better Luck Next Time

Keith explains his desire for positive comments from the judges (for a change.)

Today I feel comfortable with my dress. I’ve done a pink and black petal dress with an organza flower detail. I’m hoping the judges might finally acknowledge my work in a positive light.
We get to the work room and the stress begins. Two hours to finish and my dress is still in pieces. However, I do manage to get it done and am ready just in the nick of time. The model looks great in my dress, but when I put the dress on her I ripped the zipper because it was snagged on the dress and I pulled too hard! Immediately I called Reco over and asked him to fix the zipper and thank god he came to my rescue. I owe him big time. The dress went out on the runway and I was truly pleased with the way it looked. I thought for sure I would get some sort of nod from the judges during their review of the collections. However, the format changed from the previous challenge because we were no longer in groups and only the winners and losers got comments on their pieces. I must say that given the beauty of my piece this week and the fact that I have only heard negative comments from the judges during eliminations, I was really hoping they would say something positive about my work. Oh well, better luck next time! Overall I loved using shoes as an inspiration and plan to do that sometime in my professional career.

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