Collaborate and Cooperate

Fern reveals why she thinks Daniella and Reco had such a problem working together. Designing for a judge, did you sense the designers were more nervous than usual?
I think it was clear they wanted to please Isaac in a way that was different from obviously wanting to get his blessing each week. They wanted his respect and to show some "homage" to his style board and his references … .and I think it was a good challenge, as they had many great options to work off of. What looks were your favorites/least favorites?
My least favorite look was the one that unfortunately ended Lidia’s chances. I think the dress was too ambitious, and did ultimately look sloppy and not sexy. I know there was also an issue of a not great collaboration, as I don’t think there were any personality problems between Lidia and James-Paul, but their two pieces clearly did not belong together. They should have made that work and not have done two entirely separate garments, but as was said in the show, the cape had an interesting idea behind it.

My favorite look was the outfit Merlin and Johnny did. I loved the pale pastel plaid — it was very Isaac. I liked the colors, the top, the jacket with the bone/horn buttons. It even worked in the “felt” that Isaac hates so much. I thought it was very chic all around. What did you think about the fight between Reco and Daniella?
I think it was silly, but not unexpected. It is clear that they are both serious contenders, and it’s a competition, and neither is going to give the other an inch. From the start it was clear that they would hate having to partner with each other, but spools of thread make for some interesting partnerships … and they both are very opinionated. Reco has a very strong and sometimes obnoxious attitude, but he’s a good designer. Daniella is young and stubborn also, and tends to mask a very strong streak with her youth and feminine smile. In the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if they become very good friends. What is your take on the topic of collaborating, compromising, etc.
Life in general and success in any career is about collaborating and cooperating. Compromising is an entirely other story, and no one ever feels good about compromising their style for the sake of another’s. But this is a game, and on TFS they are all competing with one another, and winning is the end goal, and they should do whatever it takes to win. It is also difficult when they are thrown together, especially with someone they have made very clear they do not like. After working on their own-having to work as a team can be tough, but it can also be a blessing.

If is a bit unfair however when a “team” creates a “look” that only one of them gets eliminated.

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