Excuses, Excuses

Anna reveals what really bothers her about the competition.

Well Andrew went home today and although I don’t believe he was a strong enough designer to be here, he was a nice person and I wish him well. My expectation was that Lidia would go home because her dress was much uglier and despite the fact that her model was nearly incompetent, it couldn’t really have been saved by anyone. The excuses are what get to me. It comes off as childish and doesn’t seem to get a good reaction. On the other hand, Lidia’s work has been getting good reviews lately from the judges so it seems like they want to keep her around for a little longer. Rico finally won a challenge and I think it was about time for him. He is really amazing as a sewer and can execute anything he dreams up. So it will be interesting to see where he takes that skill as far as design in this competition. As far as me I am feeling really average at the moment. I really need to sit back and think about what it is that I really do well and rock that out from here on out. I took a risk with the design I did for this challenge and although I don’t think it failed, I don’t think it succeeded the way other things I have done have. I really came into this competition without any expectations and really no strategy with the exception of not embarrassing myself. Now that I am here I definitely think I have the potential to make it fairly far. I am just trying to stay humble, low to the ground, out of the drama and try to learn as much as I can while I’m here.

It was completely ironic that this whole episode revolved around shoes considering I worked for a shoe company for three years. I don’t know what else to say about that except that I’m sure that they are as relieved that I didn’t win that challenge as I am not to be working there anymore. Oh well, on to the next.

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