Haven in Heaven

Haven explains why she loved this challenge.

This challenge was so much fun! We went to Bergdorf’s shoe department to meet up with Kelly and Isaac. There, we were told to pick a shoe to use for inspiration for the upcoming challenge. We were asked to design an outfit around the shoe. I found a pair of fuschia suede peep toe Christian Louboutins. I made a black, gray, and fuchsia jumpsuit that I LOVED and was so happy with! I didn’t win the challenge but was safe and glad about it. Plus, Kelly told me she liked it. Andrew and Lidia were up for elimination and Andrew was sent home. It was sad to see him go. I am pretty amazed! I made it to Challenge 5, totally didn’t expect it. So far, I’m enjoying most of the people here as well as the drama, but I’m used to having some alone time, so situations were starting to get under my skin a bit.

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