Neimans vs. K-Mart

Reco explores couture vs. low budget fashion.

Neimans vs. K-Mart: The top two for this week was Merlin’s mean girl’s interpretation and Haven’s skater girl. One was high fashion, from the fuchsia and smoked grey sweater down to the highly constructed pencil legged jeans that fit like a glove, which we all know was Merlin’s. And one from basic slopers with two patched pocket on the side. Couture vs. low budget fashion or should I say Neimans vs. K-Mart. I really can’t imagine our New York audience looking over Lidia’s nerd interpretation or my chiffon party dress, and may I add that both were sooooooo or total high fashion pieces.

Now don’t get me wrong; I'm proud of Haven. But I’m thinking its round six and that’s what's in the top two. I hope to sew to the next challenge extreme fashion on the next level indulging myself as well. I can actually admit that I didn’t push myself to the limit like I did on the coat challenge or the high-end challenge.

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