No Matter What They Say

Johnny defends his garment and makes a request for next week's challenge location.

First off I love my jacket no matter what Isaac and Miss Kelly say … it was such a pleasure meeting with Miss Kamali. She is stunning and had amazing advice and understanding for us. She was very patient with all our critiques. Unfortunately someone had to leave us and it was none other than our beloved Markus. We definitely hit it off really quickly. He was a great friend and he will truly be missed. He was a great designer and will be sure to be successful and make some boy real happy. I’m really happy Haven is here to be able to show herself more and truly come out of her shell. She is a great designer and has a great eye. I can’t wait to get to the next challenge. I need to win something already. It’s getting a bit pathetic. I hope our next outing is a field trip possibly, the ZOO! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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