Oh Captain

Keith describes 'The Fashion Show's' first challenge and being chosen as team captain.

The First Day
My first day here was surreal at best and meeting the 12 other people in the competition was thrilling. There are personalities galore and most of them I get along with swimmingly. When Isaac and Kelly walked into the workroom, I literally couldn’t believe it. First of all, I have been the biggest fan of Kelly’s since the days of Destiny’s Child and personally always thought she should have been the main “child.” No disrespect to Beyonce of course! And what can I possibly say about having Isaac Mizrahi in the competition? He is an icon and it is truly an honor to be in his presence. I hope to have time to actually get to know him a bit and maybe even pick his brain. Our first mini challenge to turn a black t-shirt into the iconic little black dress was an extremely loaded challenge … especially because we only had one hour! I personally felt that given the restrictions and importance of the little black dress that I should keep it simple and elegant. I created a V-neck dress with a small bow at the back and sides. My concept paid off and I came in second place. The prize for being in the top three was immunity for tomorrows challenge and I am so glad! Likewise, as one of the top three I was able to pick my team for the next challenge. I feel very confident with the team I picked and I think our concept for the challenge will be a great success. We work well as a team and we all get along, definitely a recipe for success.

The First Elimination
Today was an extremely challenging day. We were up at 6:30 this morning in order to get ready to be at the workshop by 8:30. We had two hours to finish up our projects for the challenge and get to the Fashion Show. I had suspected that we were going to have fit issues with our tube dress/skirts, however I had no idea it would turn out to be so tight on our models. Once we got to the location of the Fashion Show I discovered that my model was a different model than the one I had fit the skirt on and she was about two sizes too big for the skirt. However, as team captain I didn’t want to panic in front of my team at such a crucial moment. Therefore I calmly tried to squeeze the model into her skirt and just barely managed to get it on her. Of course these were tons of last minute issues that come about right before a Fashion Show as well, such as lost accessories, wrong shoe size etc. But we made it through and ultimately I felt our collection looked relatively nice considering the major fit issues we were having. Unfortunately the judges didn’t feel that way and they voted our team as the losing team for the challenge. The main reason being fit. And because we came in last, one of our teammates was forced to go home. It came down to Kristin and Jonny D. Ultimately they chose Jonny. I was very sorry to see him go. He really is a great guy. I know his career will continue to be a great success!

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