Sad Elimination Day

James-Paul expresses his sadness over Keith's elimination.

It was a very sad elimination day today. It is becoming much harder to choose who leaves the competition because we are all becoming to know each other. I thought Keith’s dress was alright compared to the other designs. He shouldn’t have been in the bottom three. It was even harder because of the fact that the three lowest positions are Merlin, Keith, and Angel. All three are my roommates and they are capable of great work. I felt that Keith’s work had been misrepresented throughout the competition and I know his work is better than what we have perceived. Keith had remained supportive of others and was the most positive and encouraged everybody in the competition. It’s a depressing result. I would have expected Keith at the top five of the competition. And of course Johnny taunted the fact that Keith was eliminated, considering Keith had supported Johnny’s work in the past.

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