Starting Out on the Right Foot

Johnny R. describes what it felt like to win the first Harper's Bazaar Mini-Challenge.

The First Day
So today was beyond intense. I don’t think I could have prepared myself for this … ever. It was great meeting all the other castmates, some more then others … but I won’t go there just yet. The first challenge was a little scary. One hour and one black t-shirt, were they serious? I was running around like a chicken with its head chopped off … I was sweating so much from the pressure and the running around. I just kept telling myself that I have to finish, that is the goal. Who cares how bad it looks as long as it’s done. There were so many times I questioned my choice, even up until she announced the winner. I was on edge and especially after all her unusual comments; I knew I was at the bottom. I was completely shocked and excited I won. I was blown away. I feel I am definitely starting out on the right foot for sure …

The First Elimination
Don’t knock it till ya try it. Good ol’ harem pants — well they just weren’t a hit with the judges and truthfully they were a bit messy. I wish we would have spent more time focusing on the pant patterns especially since it was our key must-have item. I must say our group was very cohesive and on key with trend. It’s too bad the judges didn’t take note of it. It is sad to see Johnny D go for sure; he was just out of his element for sure. Everybody here is talented. It’s gonna be a really tough competition. I still can’t believe I’m here. This is something I would have never imagined participating in something like this. I just hope I don’t embarrass myself with my lack of sewing skills on an industrial machine. I haven’t touched one since college. I am definitely intimidated by them. I hope that doesn’t send me home next because it’s not America’s Next Top Seamstress it is a design competition and I’m a damn good designer.

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