Thank God

Haven talks about being paired with Anna.

This week started with a Mini Challenge at what we believed to be the offices. We were paired in groups (I was with Anna, thank god!) and the challenge was to fix the “walk of shame” outfits of the magazine's interns. Sadly, we did not win, but I was happy for Johnny because he and Merlin did. After the challenge was over, we find out that in the next challenge we will remain in our groups and that we were actually at the Isaac Mizrahi studios and will be designing a look inspired by his mood board. I was thrilled because I immediately fell in love with the board upon seeing it. Working with Anna was a breeze and such a pleasure. She designed the coat and I designed the shirt and short. The look turned out beautifully and we won!!! Finally. Lidia, JP, Reco, and Daniella were in the bottom and Lidia was sent home. Lidia is talented and I’m sure she’ll do great things. I won! <3 H

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