Haus of Bravo

We reflect on this week's wedding outfits, and the limits of our love for seersucker.

Jan 4, 2011

Eduardo's dress in its Grey Pupon-Grey Gardens-valiums and nannies glory was a delight. If I wanted to get married as a '60s housewife on acid, this would be the first, nay the only dress I'd try on. Sold.

Meanwhile, Cesar attempted to channel Grace Jones for Andrea. I see it in the cut, but I don't really see Grace Jones in this outfit. Simon Doonan (next week's judge, who I adore one thousand times over, yay) or, perhaps, an eager and daper golfer maybe, but not Grace Jones. I dug it though, and it was the exactly outfit what Andrea wanted down to the paisley pants (which, is one of those things that when you have a hankering for, it cannot be stopped despite all logic and reason. See: my bedspread from my sophomore year of high school). The jacket did look some fierce, as did the detail that her pumps matched her glasses, Cesar you sly dog you.

But Cindy's inability to dress a man had to be punished. I'm with Iman: have you made sleeves before? Why, why, dearest Cindy, did you feel that the answer to a decently-fitted outfit was to just take it in more? If you had left it alone, Calvin might have been forced to take his woven obi and sushi kimono back home, to live a life as a cruel cater-waiter instead of spending another week with us. But next week is Doonan week, so it will be worth seeing their interaction.

But what did you kids think? Would you be wedded in any of these outfits?