Iman let us which collection was a bit of a snooze which deserved straight-to-DVD treatment

on Nov 23, 2010

Bravo: This episode is inspired by femme fatales. Who are some of your favorite femme fatales through time? Do you count yourself as one?
Iman: Cleopatra, Lana Turner, Jessica Rabbit, and Sharon Stone. I would never count myself as one!
Bravo: You mentioned that the House of Nami’s design’s lacked sexiness, but was more cohesive. What do you think they could have done to up the alluring quotient?
Iman: The essence of a femme fatale is intrigue and sex, but dangerous seduction is the heart of the matter. The House of Nami's clothes were well-executed but lacked the duplicity of a femme fatale.

I would call their collection femme fatale "lite." I would have done some soft trenches, tuxedo pantsuit with unbottened silk blouses showing a bit of décolleté--even the overused animal print, but in a red leopard print, here might have given it some heat!
Bravo: The House of Emerald went a little off-the-wall with the "disco vampire" concept, what did you think of their overall design?
Iman: Just the thought of disco vampire conjures a straight to DVD movie! And their collection definitely came off like that, especially with Ceasar and Golnessa's outfits which were a bit tacky! And then there was Tamara who was in a completely different movie! Now, when I think disco I think excess and extravagance--outrageous sexual imagery now throw in vampire, and it could have sizzled. I can feel the heat just talking about it! But alas, it didn't have any of that.