Iman discuss this week's wince-worthy episode, and admits she's lost a few garments in her wilder days.

on Dec 20, 2010

Bravo: With a lost and found challenge, were you hoping for these sort of ridiculous materials outfits, like Dominique’s, or did the materials not matter as much as the message?

Iman: Definitely not the materials as they were hostage to what they found in the "lost/found," but how creative they can be and how sharp they are with their execution, and Dominique was a good example of a great creative mind.

Bravo: You were none to pleased with the results this week, and with good reason. What do you think went so terribly wrong?

Iman: It challenged them to think creatively out-of-the-box and they didn't hit the mark.
Caesar is becoming a little bit like Calvin in being dictatorial. He is cracking under his own self-importance. I would never have said this before--that he should have listened to Cindy--but in this case he should have. He claimed that bathing suits are easy to design, but they became his downfall. Also, the use of too many accessories was this house's kiss of death, because these were cheap looking accessories.

Bravo: The only real bright spot this week seemed to be Dominique’s dress. What about it did you guys like so much?

Iman: Dominique's dress was young and fresh, and the trench was beautifully made.

Bravo: Dominique did manage to save the House of Nami, but what did you really think of the rest of their collection? What would have been on the chopping block without her help?

Iman: Their collection was too forced and wasn't cohesive, with the exception of the colors, and Calvin didn't design well this time around. I have to say that the palette hid lots of imperfections both from design and the materials point of view, so they were smart by choosing that. The magic of black is that it is forgiving...although i don't know how intentional that was! One of Calvin's outfits would definitely have been "out of fashion" if they lost.