Giada de Laurentiis Confesses to This Peculiar Eating Habit

Chef Giada de Laurentiis does the exact opposite of what most folks do.

Giada de Laurentiis may be a huge-name chef with a vast culinary empire — but she has a particular eating habit that plenty of non-professional foodies might find totally counterintuitive.

The chef recently appeared on's Cold Cuts With Al Roker — in which the host invites celebs on set for a chat while they make a sandwich inspired by the star's favorite things — and told Al about her preferences when it comes to bread.

"I like all bread," she began — so yes, we're very much with her so far. "My favorites are a focaccia and a rustic. But I will tell you that my favorite sandwiches belong on a little ficelle."
What's that, you might ask? Well it's a type of bread that's "Italian but it’s also French," she said of the crusty loaf, similar to a baguette but skinnier. "The French make their sandwiches on bread like this."

Giada explained that she likes her sandwiches on such a variety of bread because, "There’s not a lot of dough. There’s a lot of crust, which is my favorite. In fact, when I get bread a lot of times I eat all the crust and leave the inside."
Record scratch. Wait, what?

"So this morning, I had a little toast, and I ate all of the crust on the outside of the toast, and I left the inside," Giada said — melting the brains of every kid who demanded the crusts cut off a sandwich to be discarded, and anyone who ever tossed out the ends of a loaf as inedible.

Yes, it turns out that, Giada (in our unscientific assessment) does the exact opposite of what many people prefer to do with their bread. The more you know!

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