Business-Savvy Girl Scout Scores Huge Cookie Sales by Setting Up Shop at a Marijuana Dispensary

Sales are swift when the ultimate munchies are so conveniently located.

Girl Scout Cookies pretty much sell themselves every year because... Girl Scout Cookies! But one San Diego scout figured out how to sell 50 boxes an hour for six hours last weekend in a manner that suggests majorly budding (ahem) entrepreneurial savvy: She posted up in front of Urbn Leaf, a dispensary that sells both recreational and medical marijuana, according to People.

She wasn't actually the first smart Girl Scout to sell in front of a dispensary; Girl Scout Danielle Lei made international headlines in 2014 and 2015 when she sold over 200 boxes in two hours by selling in front of the Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

Neither the Girl Scouts organization nor the general public at large may know that "Girl Scout Cookies" is also the name for a hybrid marijuana strain that is popular in California, which makes these stories all the more... delicious.

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